A note from The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia principal flutist Edward Schultz

June 26th, 2017 § 0 comments

Dear Friends!

As I look forward to another season of collaboration with the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia I wanted to share a note with you from principal flutist – and Intersect collaborator! – Edward Schultz

Collaboration, Connection, Creativity.

These are the first things that come to mind when I think of my experiences as Principal Flute for the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia. This sense of collaboration exists not only among my colleagues in the orchestra, but also with the guest artists we perform with who represent a wide spectrum of styles and backgrounds. Every COP experience is an opportunity for creative collaboration and to forge meaningful connections between our artists and audiences. Together we discover the similarities and revel in the differences underlying the rich tapestry of music that surrounds us, while establishing connections through collaboration and creativity.
intersect is a perfect example of harmonious interplay between these three elements. Guided by the acclaimed genre-defying musician/composer Andrew Lipke and co-curated by our Music Director, Dirk Brossé, each intersect concert explores the immense gray area and often arbitrary boundaries between musical styles ranging from classical, rock, jazz, and folk music from around the world. intersect highlights connections between seemingly disparate musical languages, and illuminates the intrinsic universality of musical expression through creativity and collaboration.
At each intersect concert we push the boundaries of convention and open new gateways of understanding. We expand our universe, and as a result we enrich, color, and inform our shared musical experience. Your support allows us to take this journey together—to continue OUR collaboration as listener and performer.
Make a gift today in any amount you’re comfortable with. Donor benefits begin at $100, but a contribution of any size makes a difference. With a donation of $100 we can purchase sheet music. A contribution of $300 allows us to rent a venue for a performance. A gift of $500 can bring a musician to the stage for an intersect concert.
As one of those musicians, I am tremendously grateful for your consideration and your generosity. Your support puts me on stage, and it is the catalyst for creativity. It fosters connections, and your gift ensures our collaboration will continue for many years to come.

You can make your contribution by following this link – DONATE TODAY

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